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Justyna’s cleaning and organizing services

Post Construction Cleaning/ Remodel Cleaning

Justyna and her team have 20 years of experience providing cleaning services after construction projects. The post construction cleaning services she offers for small businesses are comprehensive and reliable. Her team makes every effort to meet all of her client’s expectations, providing a high quality cleaning service. Post construction cleanings are offered separately per their requirement and divided into three levels to coincide with the stages of your project.

1) Initial phase or Rough cleaning

2) Final interior cleanup is the process of detailing the interior structure after remodeling or construction completed.

3) The last phase of post construction is exterior cleaning.

Justyna’s team will remove dust, dirt from all surfaces. Cleaning the trim, baseboard and tiles. Removing stickers and labels from all installations. Vacuuming and dusting furniture, appliances and woodwork.

Post Construction Office Area

Have a furry friend? We use pet friendly cleaners as your friend is valued member of the family.

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